Member Spotlight: Sarina S.

As trainers, we’ve been impressed with how our members have continued to find success in their fitness journeys even under the challenging circumstances of the past couple of months. We’re highlighting a number of their stories in this ongoing series.

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Sarina S.  Here’s what Trainer Liz has to say about her.

Sarina is a relatively new member at FitWit and only had a couple of months of training in the gym with us before the COVID quarantine.  Since the remote training started, she has been even more consistent with workouts than before the gym closed!  As a newer member, she’s done the smart thing and been proactive about reaching out to me with any questions or concerns and asking for advice on certain exercises and progressions.  She has reported to me several times about noticing improvements in her ability and strength.  (She notes that her quarantine workout buddies are both encouraging and challenging). I want to share 2 quotes from Sarina that, to me, truly highlight what exercise is all about.  And as her coach, this was music to my ears! 

Liz! Something very exciting happened today! During the rows I realized I need to use heavier weights!”  

I truly feel so much worse when I do not do a workout! Is this what a routine feels like?!?!?… It’s pretty magical. My back was hurting so I was worried but gave a workout a shot and once I got moving it disappeared!” 

Her excitement about discovering the “magic” of exercise is the core reason why I love my job.  It’s been so awesome to see her consistency and hard work paying off!  Way to go Sarina!