Member Spotlight: Shawna M.!

Shout out to morning member Shawna M. for being a shining star in her home workouts as well as the live outdoor parking lot workouts! Whether she’s doing push-ups in the parking lot or in her living room you can count on her to get the work done and with good form. Check out what Coach Sarah Z-B has to say about her below! 

I first met Shawna in Erin Guerrieri’s TRX class where Shawna was a regular attendee and always approaching the workouts with focus and determination. As a member of my team during our remote training period, Shawna consistently checked off 4-5 workouts per week. 

Shawna not only shows up, but she continues to challenge herself by working to master the moves that we do in the workouts like single-leg deadlifts and push-ups to tennis ball depth. 

Awesome job, Shawna! Thanks for your commitment.