MLK Day Partner challenge – Monday, January 16 (O4W)

Posterior Gains (suns out buns out;):
3 sets of 18 reps (increase weight next set if you successfully make it to 18 reps) choose either one. Will be repeating Thursday.

Pull-ups – record band used on last set. Red-18, White-14, Blue-9


Deadlifts – Record weight of KB on the 3rd set

All men are created equal – 2-min Partner Challenges
Find a partner of equal fitness ability. One person works while the other rests & cheers their partner on. Campers count how many reps of the exercise each person gets for the 2 rounds and we’ll record the scores for each team. After all 4 rounds the team with the lowest avg placement will win. 1-min rest/transition between challenges to demo & explain.

1. 15 m broad jump – 10 squat jumps – 15m broad jump – count mtn climbers
2. Sprint 1 parking lot lap – count walking lunges (partner stay in place so other partner has something to shoot for)
3. 20 sit-ups – 20 v-ups – count push-ups
4. 5 Burpees – 10 jumping lunges/leg – count star crunch

Finish with both partners running 800m run around the building. Start at the stairs & head toward ralph McGill, up the stairs, and on to the beltline around the building.

Blue: Stop sign run
Row = 1000m

Glute & Hip circuit AMRAP:
10 single leg hip bridges (per leg)
5 hamstring walks (out and back =1)
10 superman
5 fire hydrants (per leg, very slow)

Timed Mobility board:
– Wall hip flexor Stretch :90 hold/ leg
– Pigeon – :90/leg
– Frogger – 10 rocks with 5 seconds hold