Monday April 10 – 10-min Strength + HIIT It!

10-Min Strength – Max reps of 2KB Front Squats or 2KB Shoulder Press: 5 sets of max reps, starting new set every 2 min.  

Mobility during rest period:

  • Squats – 10 froggers, :30 Pigeon hold per side, :30 Quad Hip Flexor Sretch per side

  • Press – 10 PVC pass throughs or 10 Wall Angels

Then, HIIT IT!

4 rounds at each station.  2.5-min continuously running clock, switching exercises every :30, resting for :30.  :90 sec rest/transition between stations.  


Station 1:

Wall Ball


High Plank Shoulder Taps

Scissor Kicks



Station 2:  

Broad Jump Burpees

Star Crunches

Mountain Climbers  

Jumping Lunges or step back lunges