Monday April 2 – Stairway to Heaven

Monday: 4/2

Stairway to Heaven

3 x 10 min Station 1 min rest between

            1. 20 KB Swings then 5 reps of the KB Complex/per side:

               1-arm Push Press

              OH step back Lunges

              1-arm KB Clean

              1 KB Squat

Perform ALL 4 exercises on left side then all on the right before starting over with 20 KB swings.

  1. Partner Stair Sprints (on Ralph McGill stairs leading up to Beltline). One sprints while other performs prescribed exercise until they return.

                P1: 2 x Sprints up Beltline staircase

                P2: RND 1 – Inchworms, RND 2 – Squat Stands, RND 3 – Side Lunges

  1. Row + Crawl AMRAP: 250m Row Sprint then Crawl 15 meters out and back. Alternate b/t Bear Crawl/Monkey Crawl/Tabletop Crawl