Monday April 23 – Gimme 5 (20-min AMRAP) + Team Week

Monday: 4/23

3 Points (Attendance Point, Jump Rope, Row Relay)

Gimme 5 – 20 min. AMRAP Non Scored: Increases rep count by 5 every round.

This doesn’t count towards team week points. Complete three exercises in the gym, run a parking lot lap, complete three different exercises, run, repeat. Start with 5 reps of each exercise and increase rep count by 5 each round.

– KB Squat High Pulls, 2KB Clean [Swing Clean or Dead Clean], 2KB Stepback Lunge

– Parking Lot Sprint (RAIN SUB = 50 Double Under/150 Singles or 250m Row)

– Pull Ups (TRX Rows), Box Dips, Push Ups

– Parking Lot Sprint


Followed by TEAM WEEK:

Red vs Blue

1. Partner Jump Rope relay –  Partner Up with someone on the same team. 4 minutes to get as many singles as possible in this fashion: one person jumps rope for 30 seconds and then the next person goes (trainer calls out every 30 seconds). Count total jumps for the partnership, BUT if you mess up your jump, you have to stop and wait for the next 30 seconds to begin.

Team with the highest average wins.

2. Row Relay: Within their Team Week teams, Campers will split up in teams of 3-4. Switching every 200 meters. They are trying to get as many meters as possible in 6 min. Make sure to set the monitors to 6 min, so we know exactly how many meters each team rowed.