Monday April 30 – Case of the Mondays

Monday 4/30

Case of the Mondays

25 min AMRAP + every 5 min Campers choose a Ralph McGill run or a 400 meter row

10 Reps per exercise:

KB Swings (60+/53+) (53+/40+) (40+/30+)

Push ups

Goblet Squats (use the same KB as the KB Swing bell)

Mtn Climbers the hard way (per side)

KB DL Goblet Clean (use the same KB as the KB Swing bell)

Sit-outs (Total)

Finish with Bring Sally up ABS:

Rest during: Old Miss Lucy’s dead and gone Left me here to weep and moan

1st verse: V-ups (mod = lemon squeeze)

2nd verse: Hollow Crunches (don’t let shoulder blades hit the floor, so there is always core tension)

3rd verse: Star Crunches

4th verse till the end: Plank leg lifts (alternating legs)