Monday August 14 – Partner 10’s

Partner 10s – How many rounds can you and your partner get in 25 minutes?

You start at the first exercise and when you are done with 10 reps your partner does the second exercise for 10 reps. Continue in this fashion leap-frogging each other until time is called.


-KB Push press (5/arm)

-Jumping lunges (per leg) (sub 10 total Walking lunges)

-Hanging knees to chest/toes to bar  

-Barrier Jumps (over and back = 1) 


-Sprinter Situps

After 4 times through the board (i.e., both partners have completed 20 reps of every exercise), complete a run with your partner to the Blue Mailbox and back (sub = 600m row)


Finish as a group with 6-min hip/glute circuit:

10 Fire Hydrants (5/side)

10 Glute bridge raises

10 Cossack rocks (5/side)

:20 Deep squat hold (use post if needed)