Monday December 11th – Strength EMOM + Partner Stations

Monday:  12/11

5 Minute Mobility: Stability/Mobility – Coach Talks Through Movement

Lower Body – 2x on each Side Hip C.A.R.S Against Wall 2x on Each Side Hip Abducted Leg Lifts


New Strength: Next 12 Weeks 12 Minute EMOM  – WEEK 12

Partner 1 Goes on 1st Minute

Partner 2 Goes on 2nd Minute

Rest While Partner is Going

5x-8x Reps  2KB Squat


Finish With:

3 x 5 min Partner Stations – 2 moves switching with the partner every :30 Seconds 1 Minute Rest BTWN Stations. Shake Up Run to 2nd White Mail box BTWN Stations.

Station 1: Banded Rotations/Anti Rotation

  • Blue or Black Resistance Band

Station 2: Slam Ball/Jumping Lunges B: Stepback Lunges

Station 3: 2KB Push Press/ Alternating Band Front and Side Raise – Green/Red Bands