Monday December 17th – 2 Mile Run

Monday 12/17

Mobility Series: 5 Minutes

  • Passive/Active Supine Hip Flexor Holds at End Range 5×5 Seconds Each

  • Pistol Lifts Off (Over Yoga Blocks) 5 Each Side


Running: 2 Mile Assessed Run Retest 8/3

Route: Start at Stop Sign on Clifford Right onto Park Place,  Right on Leland Terrace, Right on Wisteria, Right on Rocky Ford, Right on College, 1 Mile Mark isat Stop Sign on Clifford (Give Split). 2 mile ends as they cross over Clifford.

When finished, catch your breath and then Core Amrap and/or Pull Up Progression for next 10 min or so until the whole group returns:


  • 10x Hollow Crunch

  • 16x (Total 8/Side) Bird Dogs

  • 16x (Total 8/Side)  Moving Dead Bugs

6-8 Minute: Partner “I Go, You Go” Prone Partner Assisted Hamstring Curls 5×5 Each Side, Each Partner

  • Dorsiflex Ankle

  • Partner gives pressure to heel both up and then down.