Monday February 19th – 30 Min AMRAP

Monday:  2/19

Mobility Series: 5-6 Minutes

Upper Body 2 Moves – Prone Swimmers and Prone PVC Angels (Partner up – 1 does prone swimmer (5 sec rep each way) and 1 does 3×5 swimmers. Switch 3 x. Finish with everyone on feet for shoulder cars x 2/side.

30 Min AMRAP

12x Goblet Squats
8x Push Ups (TRX Chest Press)
4x (ES) KB SL DL or Staggered Stance Dead Lift

4x Touches (ES) 1KB Overhead Carry: (40+/30+)
4x Touches (ES) 1KB Suitcase Carry: (70+/50+)

2nd White Mailbox Run