Monday February 26 – FitWit Olympics

Monday: 2/26

FitWit Olympics

3 x 10 min AMRAP Stations 1-2 min rest/set up b/t stations

Form teams of 4-5 people. Before each AMRAP, complete an Olympic Buy-in determining how many reps they do of each exercise. Counting the reps they do, team with highest rep average wins.

Biathlon Buy In: Run 800 meters (800-1000 meter row depending on team size / everyone rows 2 x switching at 100 meters) then choose 1 team member to shoot at a target to determine rep count for entire team (if they miss, 5 Burpee penalty and someone else shoots next)

AMRAP: Squats / Push ups / Lunges (per leg)

Ski Jump Buy In: Rep count is determined by how many broad jumps it takes to go from the pull up rig to the ergs / relay style. Each individual jumps for their own rep count

AMRAP: 1-Arm Push Press (total) (40+/30+)(35+/25+)(30+/20+) / Goblet Clean / Swings

Curling Buy In: using a 15 lb MB, try to roll the MB into a target on the ground determining rep count (15/12/10/15)

AMRAP: Wall Balls (sub MB thruster if large group) / MB Sit up and Press / Slam Balls (20/15)(15/12)(12/10)