Monday January 22 – Assessed Tabata + 15-Min Heavy AMRAP

Monday: 1/22

4 min Tabata Assessments (total rep count = score) – 2 min off between rounds

Push ups / Squats / Horizontal Jungle Gym Rows (chest is directly under the pull up bar)

After campers write down their scores. They will go into a AMRAP for the remaining time of class (15 min give or take)

15 min: Heavy AMRAP

6 x Heavy 2 KB Suitcase or Sumo DL

8 x Pistol Squats (JG or Unassisted [total])

10 x 1 Arm KB Row (total)

12 x 1 KB Floor Press (Total [should be same KB size as Row])

14 x 1 KB Racked Lunges (Total [same size bell as Row])

400 meter Row or Ralph McGill run (no parking lot loop)