Monday July 10 – 6 Min Strength EMOM + The Loop

Newbie Day 1

Teach bracing

Teach Hollow Hold and check progression level.

Teach Plank, Pushup, Squat, TRX Row

Quick 5-min rowing intro (if time permits)


Baseline Assessment Workout:

Mailbox Run (sub 500 m row, if needed)

2 x [10 Pushups, 10 TRX Rows, 20 Squats]

Mailbox Run (sub 500 m row, if needed)



6-Min Strength EMOM. CHOOSE ONE:

2KB Step Back Lunge 4/leg x 3 MIN

Goblet Lunges 4/leg x 3 MIN – max bodyweight stepback lunges for remainder of the minute  


2KB See Saw Press 4/arm x 3 rounds

1-Arm Push Press 4/arm x 3 MIN –  max band shoulder press for remainder of the minute


The LOOP (non-assessed)

R – 4 RNDS W – 3 RNDS B – 2 RNDS

14 Headcutters  R:(40+/30+) W:(30+/20+) B:(20+/15+)

14 Dips

-Run a parking lot lap

14 JG Laying Rows

14 Burpees

-Run a parking lot lap

Blue: 10 Reps ea.


Early finishers:

Quad/Hip Flexor Stretch – 1 min/leg

Pigeon Stretch – 1 min/leg