Monday July 16th – “Neff’ Said” / AKA. “Neffer Stop Neffer Stopping” / AKA. “The Neffer Ending Workout” / AKA.“Neffer Enough Burpees” 

Monday:  7/16

Melissa Neff Camper Named: 30 Min AMRAP “Neffer Enough Burpees” 

AKA. “Neff’ Said” / AKA. “Neffer Stop Neffer Stopping” / AKA. “The Neffer Ending Workout”/ AKA.  “Neffer gonna give you up, Neffer gonna let you down, Neffer gonna run around and desert you, Neffer gonna make you cry, Neffer gonna say goodbye, Neffer gonna tell a lie and hurt you”


Three Scores: 600m Run Time/ Total # of Burpees / Total # of Rep Completed

Buy In: 600m Run – Small Loop: Camper Gets a Time Non Runner 40 Cals for Time  

30x Air Squats

15x Push Up B: TRX Chest Press

5x R: Pull Ups W: TRX Pull Ups  B: TRX Rows

  • Once every is back inside from the run: Every 5 Minutes for the rest of the work out :30 worth of Burpees – Score for total Burpees at end. Minute 25/20/15/10/5 = 5 Total RNDS of Burpees
  • One full RND = 50 Reps
  • B: Level limited to 3 RNDS. With remaining time do Mobility Challenge