Monday July 24 – Partner Up

6-Min Strength EMOM. CHOOSE ONE:

2KB Step Back Lunge 4/leg x 3 MIN

Goblet Lunges 4/leg x 3 MIN – max bodyweight stepback lunges for remainder of the minute  


2KB See Saw Press 4/arm x 3 rounds

1-Arm Push Press 4/arm x 3 MIN –  max band shoulder press for remainder of the minute


Partner Carries + Sprints – 12-Min (to be performed in parking lot)

Partner 1: Heavy Farmer’s Carry to cone (1/3 of parking lot lap) + 8 Ninjas  

Partner 2: Runs a parking lot lap to bells


Partner Heavy Ropes + Core: 12-min

On a :20/:10 clock, switch with partner after every 2 intervals

RND 1 – Big Rope Slams + Plank Leg Raises

RND 2 – Alternating Waves + Superman

RND 3 – In and Out Waves + Table Top Hold (add leg lifts for more advance, switching legs every :20)