Monday June 18th – Stations: Ropes & Agility

Monday:  6/18

Stations: Ropes & Agility x 3×4 min RNDS

– Resting :60-90 –btwn RNDS

– Entire Class on Ropes than Agility

– Alternate between the each Station, 3 RNDS at each.


Ropes:  4 Person Team Ropes Circuit :40/:20

  1. Ropes – Big Rope Slams 1st RND, Alt Waves 2nd RND, Campers Pick 3rd RND

  2. High Plank Hold

  3. Jump Rope (Practice Double Unders)

  4. Med Ball Extended Arm March

  • Rotate in order towards ropes


Agility:  Repeat for 4 Minutes

  1. Bottom of the Parking lot Options

  • Agility Ladder – High Knees 1st RND, Side Step 2nd RND , In In Out Out 3rd RND

  • Balance Beams

  • Bound over Chalk Lines

  1. Run Up to Cone by Ropes,

  2. Side Shuffle across to Cone, Turn

  3. Side Shuffle Down to Pull Ups Bars,

  4. Hang on Bars and count to 10 R: Top of Pull Up B: Dead Hang

  5. Back on Agility Ladder or Beam or Bounding Line.

  6. Repat for full 4 Minutes