Monday June 4th- Assessed True Tabata + AMRAP

Monday:  6/4

Newbie Day 1:


Mobility Series: 5-6 Minutes

Lower Body 2 Moves – 3x Hip C.A.R.s and 3x Pistol Lift Offs

Assessed True Tabata: Re-Test

4 min at each station :20 on/:10 off. Total rep count is the score. Pacing suggested for pushups in order to not pancake in later rounds. 2 Minute rest between rounds and record all three totals. B: Newbies Take off every other Round.

  • Pushups
  • Squats
  • TRX Inverted Rows

10-15 Min AMRAP:

  • 10x Straight Leg Deadlift: R:(70+/50+)W:(45+/40+)B:(35+/30+)
  • 20m Walking Lunge: (Down & Back – Across the room) R:(40+/35+)W:(30+/25+)B:(20+/15+)
  • 12x TRX Hamstring Curls