Monday June 5th – New Assessed B

Monday:  6/5 

Newbie Day 1:

Teach bracing and record plank. 2 Min Max

Teach Hollow Hold and check progression level.

Teach Pushup, Squat, TRX Row Yellow Bar Row if need be.

Baseline Assessment: Modify for Rain or Cold

300m Run (White Mail Box)  (If Cold/Raining 75x Jumping Jacks)

2x: 10x Pushups, 10x TRX Rows, 20x Squats

300m Run (White Mail Box)  (If Cold/Raining 75x Jumping Jacks)

New Assessed B: 100 Burpees for time: (12 Min Time Cap) [Re-Test 5/1 Final Time ]

  • Newbies 50 Burpees

2×7 Min Stations:

Partner Pull Up Progression: 6-8 Reps or 3 sets max reps 7 Min Cap

  • Deadhang/Attempt
  • Assisted (Band,TRX, Partner)
  • Negative (Working on 5 Sec Negative)

7 Min Station: Rest as needed btwn legs

7 way Hips: Goal is to complete all reps of each movement without resting then switch legs

  • Feet should be about 12 inches apart on all moves.

Right Side – 

10x Lateral leg Raises 

10x Front Kick/swing 

10x back Swings 

10x full front and back swings 

10x counterclockwise circles 

10x clockwise circles 

10x bicycle motion 

Repeat on Left Side 

4 Min Core TABATA Hollow / Superman Snaps :20/:10 Alternate Moves