Monday March 19 – March Madness Sweet 16 EMOM

Monday: 3/19

March Madness Sweet 16 – 4 x 6 min EMOM 1 min rest / transition

16 reps of all exercises (B – 12 Reps) alternating between 2 exercises. For example: 1st min: 16 KB Swings.  2nd min: 16 Defensive Slide touches between the cones and repeat that 3 times.

West Region:

KB Swings

Defensive Slide

South Region:

JG Row

JG Ab Roll Out

Midwest Region:

Wall ball

Kneeling Side Slam Balls (total)

East Region:

Jailhouse Dips (on boxes)

Leg Lifts

Finish with:

Crate Basketball (5 min) 4 to a team. 1 crate & 1-2 balls per team (depending on how many teams we have). Count total baskets made, most made wins!

1 person will be shooting at a time with 1 person on deck waiting to shoot. The shooter will shoot for 30 seconds and then give up the ball to the person on deck.  Team members who are not on deck or shooting will be performing an exercise. Everyone switches positions every 30 sec.

Ex: Team of 4 – Jumping Jacks > Mtn Climbers > On Deck > Shooter >