Monday May 15 – 10-Min Strength + Partner 10’s

10-Min Strength: Max reps of 2KB Front Squats or 2KB Shoulder Press: 5 sets of max reps, starting new set every 2 min.

Mobility between sets:

  • Squats – 10 froggers, :30 Pigeon hold per side, :30 Quad Hip Flexor Sretch per side

  • Press – 10 PVC pass throughs or 10 Wall Angels


Partner 10s – How many rounds can you and your partner get in 18 minutes?

You start at the first exercise and when you are done with 10 reps your partner does the second exercise for 8 reps. Continue in this fashion leap-frogging each other until time is called.


-Jumping lunges (per leg)

-Broad Jumps (for distance)

-Plank shoulder taps (per side)

-MB Toe Touches (with MB extend over head and legs @ 90 degrees, reach MB up to touch toes)

-Barrier Jumps (over and back = 1)



Finish with core work (4 min):

Hollow hold finisher :20/:10 x 4

Quick rest

Repeat with plank hold :20/:10 x 4