Monday May 7th – Tabata Mash Up & Team Point Game

Monday:  5/7



15 Minute Tabata Mash Up:

* 1 Minute @ Each :20/:10 = Right Side / Left Side

– KB Single Leg Squat (2 KBs at Side or 1 Goblet)

– KB Single Arm Press

– KB Calf Raises (RND 1/3/5) Single Leg Hops (RND 2&4)  


High Score Low Score: 15 Mins Team point Game

Team Game for points. Two big teams to wipe off the most points on the board for the following exercises:

Parking lot loop between each exercise. Can’t do the same exercise back to back. Give everyone a number when they come off the mile.

1 point each for:

  • 20x T Pushups (Total)
  • 20x Sit-outs (Total)
  • 8x Burpee Lateral Jump (Over & Back)
  • 25x TRX Bicep Curls
  • 25x TRX Row
  • 10x (ES) KB Rows
  • Suitcase Carry end of building and back (M: 70+, W: 50+)

2 points each for:

  • 300m 2nd White Mailbox Clifford   
  • 10x Burpee Pull-ups
  • 20 Cal Bike