Monday November 13 – Work = Rest Intervals

Monday: 11/13

THREE Team Week Points: Attendance, Partner Jump Rope :30/:30, KB Carry + Burpees

3 x 6 min stations –

Each 6-min is comprised of 3 RNDS of work/rest intervals as follows: :30/:30, :20/:20, :10/:10

Station 1:

RND 1 + 3: Deadlift High Pulls

RND  2: Situps


Station 2:

RND 1 + 3: Hanging knees to opposite elbow (or using ab slings)

RND 2: Hollow Body Hold


Station 3:

RND 1 + 3: Heavy Rope Slams

RND 2: Slam Ball


Finish with RED v. BLUE Competitions:

-Partner Jump Rope (4 min) – Partner Up with someone on the same team. 4 minutes to get as many singles as possible in this fashion: one person jumps rope for 30 seconds and then the next person goes (trainer calls out every 30 seconds). Count total jumps for the partnership, BUT if you mess up your jump, you have to stop and wait for the next 30 seconds to begin. Team that avg. the most reps over 4 min picks up the point.


-KB carry + Burpee (4-min) Both teams choose team members to move kbs as quickly as possible while, at the same time, members of the other team are doing burpees. Team with the most burpees performed while other team completes the carry wins.