Monday November 6 – Partner :30/:30 Strength + Circuit Work

Monday, November 6

Newbie Day 1:

Teach bracing and record plank. 2 Min Max

Teach Hollow Hold and check progression level.

Teach Pushup, Squat, JG Row.


Baseline Assessment: Modify for Rain or Cold

3x Parking Lot Laps (If Cold/Raining 500m Row )

2x: 10x Pushups, 10x JG Rows, 20x Squats

3x Parking Lot Laps (If Cold/Raining 500m Row)



Partner Strength – 5 min/exercise on :30/:30 clock, alternating with partner every :30

Partner up with someone with whom you can share bells.

– 2KB Heavy Walking Lunges (holding bells suitcase style)

– 2KB See-Saw Press  

– Suitcase or Sumo Deadlifts  


16-min cont. Clock of 4 exercises x 4 RNDS of :45/:15

  • Agility Ladders

  • Jungle Gym Single Arm Rows (switch arms ½) or Pullups (unassisted only)

  • KB 1-Arm Dead or Swing Cleans (switch every RND) OR Goblet Cleans

  • Alternating Leg Raises (with MB or Plate extended over chest)