Wednesday November 1 – The Candy Hangover: Partner Couplets + Rowing

The Candy Hangover – Partner Couplets + Rowing

One partner starts on the repped exercise while the other performs the hold until the reps are complete. Switch positions. That equals 1 RND. Repeat for 4 total RNDS before moving on to next exercise combo.

4 RNDS (per partner) before moving on to next exercise combo (B – 3 RNDS)

  • 15 Jungle Gym Push ups + Hollow Body Hold (on ground or hanging from bar)

  • 25 KB Swings + Hip Bridge Hold

  • 30 Heavy Rope Slams + Side Plank Hold (switch sides every RND)

  • 25 Overhead Squats + Plank Hold

Rowing: Over the course of class, both partners will get on the Ergs at the same time for an 8 min continuous row. When they get off they will start or pick up where they left off on the partner couplets.  

Rowing distance goals:

R – 2000 m

W – 1750 m

B – 1600 m