November Member of the Month (O4W) – Lindsey P.

Lindsey kept up her training up to what seemed about a week out of giving birth and started back up 6 weeks after baby Teddy came out to play. We admire her hard work and commitment to staying on track with training, all while balancing life with a brand new beautiful baby. It’s truly awesome seeing Lindsay and hubby Brandon kicking butt as new parents and FitWitters. Read on to learn more about our November MOTM:

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Age: 30

Occupation: Healthcare marketing and tech (I know…what does that even mean? Mostly emails and conference calls.)

When did you first start FitWiting? April 2014. I bought Brandon the FitWit Scoutmob deal for his birthday that year, and then I decided to join him. We thought it would be good way to get in shape for our wedding.

Tell us about your sports & fitness background: I was active, but never really considered myself “athletic” growing up. In my early adult life, I did some running and other cardio but never had a lot of consistency or discipline and felt intimidated by strength training.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting FitWit? Oh man! Seriously, what hasn’t changed since I started FitWit? I am stronger, faster, lighter, and have less joint, back and neck pain when I’m FitWiting regularly. Some of my proudest fitness milestones that FitWit helped me achieve include: doing three unassisted pull-ups, squatting more than my body weight (shout out to Beka and the Barbell Club!), and running my best-ever (like faster than high school) mile in 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Now that I’m almost five months post-partum, I’m working on adjusting to my body’s “new normal.” These days, I’m lucky to make it to 2-3 workouts each week, and I do more White than Red workouts, and I’m learning to be okay with that.

What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like FitWit that were totally unexpected? The biggest surprise has been the huge impact FitWit has on my mental health. I always leave FitWit in a better mood than when I walked in, and if I miss more than four days in a row, I get super cranky. It’s also been really fun to do it with Brandon. Even though we never get to go to class at the same time anymore, we push each other and commiserate about tough workouts. Plus, they say couples who sweat together stay together. The other unexpected bonus was how smoothly my pregnancy and delivery went, and I truly credit a lot of that to the mental and physical strength I developed through FitWit.

Why do you FitWit? It’s the only fitness routine I’ve ever stuck with. There have been moments, especially since becoming a mom that I’ve thought about quitting. There are always but Brandon helped me realize that I can only be the best mom to Teddy when I’m healthy and happy. And FitWit is a huge part of keeping me healthy and happy. We’ve also made some amazing friends through FitWit, and I miss them when I miss class.

Favorite workouts? I really like Running with Sharp Objects–not only because I love Steve and Tara–but I like those long workouts with lots of running.

Least favorite workouts? Anything with more than 10 wall balls. And those devil bikes–why do I feel like puking every.single.time?

Three words to describe you: Devoted, optimistic, stubborn

Any favorite FitWit moments? The maybe 1-2 timed workouts (in five years) I did faster than Tara M. and Holly 🙂

Fitness Goals? Get back to doing toe push-ups and at least one unassisted pull-up. And I’m excited to run with Teddy when it warms up again.

Words to live by (Favorite Quote)? Just keep swimming

Something cool we don’t know about you? (Don’t be shy! Lots of things about you are cool.) I studied French all throughout high school and college and can kind of still speak it.

Anything else you’d care to share? I’d like to thank all of the O4W trainers, but especially Lisa, for helping me stay active through pregnancy. Lisa studied up and helped me modify workouts to keep me and the baby safe. I’m also happy to report that just a few months postpartum, I have zero ab separation, and I am back to doing doubleunders without any discomfort or peeing. For any ladies who have had babies, you know how awesome that is.