Nutritious Nuggets: 3 Practical Ways to Decrease Sugar Intake

Are you someone who likes a little coffee with their sugar, enjoys an ice cream or cup cake on a daily basis, and have a general life theme song of pour some sugar on me? Here are 3 practical steps to take to decrease your sugar intake so you can get a hold of it rather than it have a hold on you!

  1. Set a goal. Set a short term goal, such as how many sweet treats will you have in 1 week (1 or 2?). And what days will you enjoy them (Monday and Saturday?). Be wise about what days you choose and plan accordingly. Really enjoy these, don’t overindulge at this time (aka down the entire pack of Oreos); this will help you not to feel deprived but yet still in control.
  2. Replace the sugar. Don’t just cut it out, make a plan to replace your sugary cravings with something else. Some good ones to try out: glass of water, glass of La Croix, a serving of fruit, a brisk walk, 10 deep breaths. Have a different idea…do it! Pick one that works for you.
  3. Develop a clean slate policy. Be an active observer and participant of your actions, not a mindless bystander. If you don’t meet your goal of the week take note of what prevented you. Start with a clean slate and adjust your goal and your replacement strategy until you are successful in reaching your goal.