Nutritious Nuggets: 6 Simple Tips to Decrease Sugar Consumption

I’m coming to you today with SIX simple tips on how to reduce sugar in your diet. Sugar can be a tricky subject especially with what types of sugars are okay and which sugars should be eaten less often. At FitWit we always recommend eating whole foods such as fruits whenever possible, that way you’re receiving a steady dose of energy versus drinking a coke that gives you a buzz for a short period and then gives you a sugar crash shortly after. Some tips on reducing sugar are:

  1. REDUCE: You can reduce the sugar by a 1/4 in most recipes without noticing a difference in taste.
  2. TRY SUBSTITUTING: You can use whole foods, spices, and extracts as a substitute, not only does this add sweetness, but can also add delicious texture to your meals.
  3. MAKE IT YOURSELF: Most versions that we buy in the grocery store are high in sugar, especially condiments and desserts. Try making the version yourself. You might even notice that it didn’t even need any added sugar.
  4.  READ YOUR LABELS: The market has it down to a science on how to get you to buy more of their products! Be on the lookout when grocery shopping, by checking your labels for all of the hidden words. Opt for Plain unsweetened yogurt, oatmeal, and cereals. If you need to sweeten them at home, that way you control how much sugar goes in! 
  5.  SWITCH SUGARY CRAVINGS WITH FRUIT: We’ve all had that after dinner moment, where we WANT something sweet. Try adding fruit into the mix to reduce the craving.
  6. HYDRATE: If you’re craving something sweet, try drinking water first to see if you’re thirsty. If you are craving a sweet drink add in some herbs or fruits like watermelon, cucumber, berries, mint, etc.


Overall give it time, be patient. Once you’ve decreased the high amounts of sugars in your diet and substituted it with home-made or whole food versions, you might even notice that those sugar cravings have gradually disappeared. Your tastebuds can be “retrained” to appreciate the natural sweetness!