Nutritious Nuggets: Does FitWit Focus on Body Composition, Capability, or Both?

For Nutritious Nuggets today I am reposting some informative words from our wise leader, Josh.

To recap, what FitWit is all about:

  1. We use fitness programming to help you become more useful and capable. This can be through moving better like playing twister with your kids, getting stronger so you can carry that suitcase while you are running to catch your flight, and improving your 5K time.
  2. Our Nutrition Challenges are not all about loosing weight.  We design our challenges to help you think differently about your goals and to challenge you where you need it. Maybe your goal is to loose weight, great! The challenge can get you on the right start. If that is not your goal that is totes fine as well. Maybe it’s building muscle, maybe it is developing healthier habits to help change your mindset and be consistent in your nutrition…ALL of these are awesome. Your coaches are here to help support you in your goals.
  3. When FitWit talks about nutrition we are NOT focusing on body image. We all have heard the common catch phrases “how to look good naked,” and “get beach body ready.” While these are not necessarily bad if that is your goal to look better physically, FitWit is here to support you in feeling better and living healthier, this may or may not come with physical changes. We are here to help support and empower you to reaching your health goals in fitness, nutrition and mindset and all of these go deeper than outward appearance.

Do you have more questions on nutrition? Would you like some extra support with your nutrition? Check out our new Nutrition Coaching Program and if it sounds like its right for you be sure sign up for our waitlist!