Nutritious Nuggets: Just Keep Trying

One of the big happenings at FitWit right now is our Body and Mind (Nutrition) Challenge. Many are seeing lots of changes and reaping LOADS of benefits.  However, during the past four weeks I have had a few convos that go something like this….

“How is the Challenge going for ya?”

“I am totally failing…I failed the first week.”

“How so?”

“I ate a cookie.”

“Did you eat any healthy foods that day?”


“Whelp, then you haven’t failed!”

This week I am challenging ALL of us to get out of the all or nothing failure mindset. Just because you ate (fill in your favorite indulgence…mine would be Half Baked Ben and Jerry’s) does not mean you are failing at life.  Here are three steps to get yourself out of a mind rut and into one that will help you see lasting habit changes with lifetime results.

1. Remember You are playing an infinite game

During your health and fitness journey there will be times where you are playing a finite game AKA getting 300 pull ups in the month of February. This is finite because there is a beginning, an end, rules and you win by completing it. However, most of your health journey is an infinite game! Meaning, there is no end, there are many moving pieces that change throughout your life (you move, you have a baby, you get married, you age, you get injured…), and there is no “winning” or point of “I have arrived.” Even your fittest people continue to work on their health to get better and reach different goals…it never ends.

Switching your mindset to this helps to break away from all or nothing thinking and to look at yourself more holistically. You need to have your mind focus on the long haul not only the short term.

2. Do ONE thing different

Now, just because we recognize we are playing an infinite game doesn’t mean we don’t make a plan to better ourselves. If there is something that you do not like in your life then YOU have to fix it. Pick ONE daily habit and practice it for 2 weeks before moving on to a new habit. Most of us aren’t like Forest Gump and able to “just keep running” all in one day. Instead, you have to practice something to get good and confident at it…it never happens overnight. Once you have gained confidence on one habit it’s then time to move onto the next.

3. Evaluate your confidence

How confident are you in practicing your habit on a scale of 1-10? If you are not at a 9 or 10 then adjust to make sure you are at least 90% confident in yourself. Let’s be real, if it is less than 90% you probably wont even practice it and we all know practice is what leads to progress. If you are not at 90% then readjust and simplify until you are almost 100% confident you can do it. Write it down where you can see it everyday to keep yourself on track!

As Mr. Thomas Edison once said “our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”  So keep trying one more time, keep making adjustments, and stop giving up!