Nutritious Nuggets: Reboot Challenge Winners!

The Reboot Challenge is complete and the results are in. For all of those who participated awesome work!  During the last five weeks, the challenge participants followed the Whole30 Program and practiced daily habits to help build a better mindset around nutrition and health. Mastering small habits at a time is what helps make your nutrition habits sustainable which leads to lasting changes and results. Many reported upping their cooking game as well by attending our Meal Prep 101 class and our Healthy Cooking Class with Clean Plate Club Atl. 

“I’ve finally nailed meal prepping.” ~ Jessica

” I loved it! I learned how to cook and learned so many good recipes I will continue to make. I have really increased my vegetable and fruit intake.” ~ Kris

” My husband and I have been cooking together more than ever and it’s been fun to try new recipes.” ~ Rohini

“I have finally gotten the hang of meal prepping! I am also sleeping better which increased my willingness and ability to make it to the gym in the mornings.” ~ Jill

While there were a lot of physical changes participates also have reported things like increased energy, better sleep, making better choices while eating out, and overall better mindset around food. That’s what it’s all about folks!

The overall results are outstanding. Out of the 53 finishers in just five short weeks, There was a total of 179 pounds of fat lost. Great work y’all!

While the challengers did a great job sticking to the Whole30 program the Reboot is way more than what to eat and what not to eat.  We also practiced daily challenges such as no social media, meditation, and spending time with friends, and drinking more water. All of these practices encourage you to view your health holistically and to learn how all these things impact your nutrition.

“In the past when traveling for work I would have continued eating poorly when returning home. This time I was able to quickly make changes when I returned. I am learning to add vegetables to everything.” ~Rachel

“I made a conscious choice to enjoy some chips and salsa…and for my next meal I picked right back up on Whole30. This helped me find the balance I need to sustain. ~Joey

“I’ve notices that I’ve got a better mindset. For example, if I make a “mistake” on one meal I’m not giving up on the rest of my meals.” ~ Madison

“I’ve learned to make better choices when I go out to eat.” ~ Lisa

” I have a lot more energy throughout the day. I started reading labels and realized how much sugar is in everything!” ~ Dana

” I used to eat out a TON. I have gotten used to cooking more and feel so much better!” ~ Kelly

These practices are so important to learn so you do not go on a downward spiral if you feel like you have eaten something “bad.” Challengers really learned that if you make a choice that is not in line with your goals that doesn’t mean all is lost. Instead, changing their mindset to pick right back up and keep going; persistence over perfection!

We all increased our Kitchen IQ in our Meal Prep class with Coach Maddie and Cooking Class with our very own Michelle S., owner of Clean Plate Club Atl. We indulged in delicious recipes that were so tasty participants stated they plan to continue to add these meals even after the challenge was complete.

You have likely heard one of your FitWit coaches tell you that what you do in the kitchen can either enhance or destroy all that hard work you put in at the gym. Nutrition makes up to 80% of your body composition, and what you fuel your body with matters. Cooking gives you the most control over what you eat! Whether you participated in the Reboot or not we are here to help support, educate, and challenge you with your nutrition. Be on the look out for more information on our new FitWit Nutrition Plans! These programs provide accountability and meet you where your nutrition needs are currently.

Now onto the winners… drumroll, please… 

For those who received the MOST POINTS EARNED over 5 weeks are:

1st Place: Kelly P.  She is the winner of personal chef hours with Clean Plate Club Atl. This session will include recipe and menu development and an in-home cooking lesson. AND 3 additional InBody Scans to use throughout the year.

Kelly was one of FitWit’s original members (when we were still running around in Atlanta’s parks) She joined us back at the Kirk over a year ago and always works hard in class with a smile on her face.

2nd Place: Andrea R. Andrea is the winner of a one hour nutrition consult with Coach Maddie and 2 additional InBody Scans to use throughout the year.

Andrea is a dedicated morning camper and has been a member at the Kirk for over three years. She works hard before and after classes, stays for cash outs and even competed in the Erg Sprints!

The winners for the GREATEST overall fat percentage lost are: (calculated as Body Fat% #1 – Body Fat% #2 / Body Fat % #1)


1st Place for Women: Rohini K.
1st Place for Men: Tyler R.

These two will receive:

  • a pair of Altra running shoes
  • ONE MONTH FitWit membership to gift to a friend
  • 6 InBody Scans to use throughout 2019!

Rohini lost 7 pounds of fat and dropped her body fat percentage by over 4%, with an overall total fat mass loss of over 20%! Ro has been a member at the Kirk for almost three years and works hard in every workout. She also completed the challenge with her husband and stated her whole family is making healthier choices.

Tyler lost almost 6 pounds of fat and dropped his body fat percentage by 3%, with an overall total fat mass loss of 30%! Tyler has been a member at the Kirk for almost three years. He continues to get stronger in his workouts and clearly crushed the nutrition challenge. He has worked hard to compete in the Atlanta Erg Sprints and is consistently setting goals for himself to get better and better.

There is a lot to be proud of through everyone’s accomplishments and results of the Reboot. For ongoing nutrition education and support keep a look out for our weekly blog posts (Nutritious Nuggets), recipe sharing, and our nutrition programs that will include an Online Support Group , Group Accountability Plan, and 1-on-1 Max Accountability Plan.  Check out all the deets HERE. If you have questions about nutrition reach out to Coach Maddie any time at [email protected]