Nutritious Nuggets- Savor your Food

Taking time to enjoy your food is not only deeply satisfying but it also keeps you from eating less calories and digesting your food better.  Try out some of these tips to encourage being “mindful” when you’re eating your next breakfast, lunch or dinner.










Next time you’re enjoying your meal try putting down your fork after each bite. You should aim to chew your food completely and maybe take a sip of water, too. You can also try setting a minimum number of chews per bite or eating with your non-dominant hand. These tricks may feel strange at first but give it a whirl and see what you discover! In the midst of this enjoy some friendly conversation with your partner, kids, or friend.


As the food is being chewed, think about the color, texture, shape, and smell. All of these observations are a great way to really tune into what you’re eating. Begin to start increasing your awareness, are you satisfied with what you’re eating? Is it filling? Taking the time to really slow down and pay attention, will have you more satisfied with your meal. PERIOD.


Good hydration is one of the added side effects of slow eating; drinking more water during your meal when you’re resting between each bite. There’s been a link between drinking more water and eating slowly decreasing your desire to snack after your meal and keeping you satiated.


On a scale of 1-10, one being famished and 10 being super full, rate your hunger before you eat and midway through. Once you reach a 5 (comfortably full) your fork should be put down for good and you should stop eating. One of the huge benefits of slowing down your eating is that you give your body time to recognize that you’re full, aim to have your meal last 20-30 minutes.


The big take away of mindful eating: Eating slowly= drinking more water + consuming less food + feeling more satisfied! All-around win!