Nutritious Nuggets: Summer Shape Up Winners Revealed!

The Summer Shape Up Challenge is complete and the results are in. For all of those who participated awesome work!  During the last five weeks, the challenge participants followed the Whole30 Program and practiced daily habits to help build a better mindset around nutrition and health. Mastering small habits at a time is what helps make your nutrition habits sustainable which leads to lasting changes and results. While there were a lot of physical changes participates also have reported increased energy and just “all around feeling better.” That’s what it’s all about folks.

The overall results are outstanding. The total fat loss for the 33 finishers in just five short weeks, was 159 pounds, that’s almost 5 pounds of fat loss per person, whoa!  Great work y’all!

The foundational habits we focused on during this challenge were setting goals, eating slowly, eating more protein, eating more vegetables, and drinking more water.  We also practiced daily challenges such as no social media, meditation, and spending time with friends. All of these practices encourage you to view your health holistically and to learn how all these things impact your nutrition.

We all had a blast at our cooking class with our very own Michelle S., owner of Clean Plate Club Atl. We indulged in delicious recipes that were so tasty participants stated they plan to continue to add these meals even after the challenge was complete.

Once a week participants could earn points by meal prepping for the week. Participants encouraged one another by sharing their favorite recipes with the group as well as checking in with their accountability partners.

Challenge Takeaway

Before we get to our winners let’s hear from our participants and what they have learned over the past six weeks.

“I thought I was eating “healthy” before. I learned there were a lot of foods that I needed to remove from my diet which helped me have better energy and as well as feel more toned!.” ~Jessica

“I went 30 days without alcohol!” ~Meagan

” There are many habits I will continue to practice after the challenge is over. My desire for sugar has almost completely gone away and I feel so much better.” ~Vlad

“ I really enjoyed the challenge and will continue to follow many of the Whole30 guidelines.”~ Alex


All of these folks had MAJOR success in shifting their mindset. This shift in mindset empowered them to continue practicing the habits they have learned. A challenge to ALL FITWITMEMBERS is to choose one habit to practice. Practice this habit and build confidence, gain knowledge, and then see how it can continue to be incorporated into your life…this is where change and lasting discipline occurs. Many also experienced physical changes including increased energy levels, better sleep, and being able to fit better in those skinny jeans.

You have likely heard one of your FitWit coaches tell you that what you do in the kitchen can either enhance or destroy all that hard work you put in at the gym. Nutrition makes up 80% of your body composition, and what you fuel your body with matters.


Now onto the winners… drumroll, please… 

For those who received the MOST POINTS EARNED over 5 weeks are:

1st Place: Alexa O. (winner of personal chef hours with Clean Plate Club Atl)
2nd Place: Lesley C. (winner of Paleo Meal Pack from Edesia Meals.)

Alexa started at the Kirk almost three years ago and is a dedicated 6 am camper; she is one hard working mom!

Lesley has been a member at the Kirk since August 2017. Lesley is persistent in her workouts and continues to grow stronger. Lesley also enjoys competing in triathlons and you will see her riding her bike to and from FitWit workouts often; her determination is encouraging to those around her!

The winners for the GREATEST overall fat percentage lost are: (calculated as Body Fat% #1 – Body Fat% #2 / Body Fat % #1)

1st Place for Women: Andrea B.
1st Place for Men: Vlad O.

These two will receive a ONE MONTH FitWit membership, plus a ONE MONTH membership to gift to a friend.

Andrea lost over 8 pounds of fat and dropped her body fat percentage by over 4%! Andrea has been a member of the Kirk for almost three years and is one of those folk that gets up before the sunrises to make it to the 6 am class on the regular.

Vlad lost almost 16 pounds of fat and dropped his body fat percentage by over 7%! Vlad has been a member at the Kirk since March of this year and his hard work and dedication is definitely showing. He continues to get stronger in his workouts and clearly crushed the nutrition challenge. Vlad is a chef and was a little reluctant about the challenge, however, he has stated that it was not as hard as he thought it would be and will continue to implement changes in his diet such as limiting sugar, bread, and alcohol.

There is a lot to be proud of through everyone’s accomplishments and results of this challenge. Join our Facebook group, Eat Fit, to engage more on these topics and to stay accountable. Great work team!