Nutritious Nuggets: Takeaways from the Body and Mind Challenge and Winners Revealed!

The Body and Mind Challenge is complete. For all of those who participated awesome work! For those of you who did not participate you may be wondering…what is the Body and Mind Challenge? This challenge we focused on building healthy eating habits as well as a strong mindset. Mindset is vital for creating discipline and sustainable  change.

The foundational habits we focused on during this challenge were setting goals, eating slowly, eating more protein, eating more vegetables, and keeping a food journal. We also practiced daily challenges such as: only drink water for the day, no social media, meditation, and spending time with friends. All of these practices encourage you to view your health in its entirety.

We all had a blast at our cooking class with our very own Michelle S., owner of Clean Plate Club Atl. We indulged on delicious sauces that go with a variety of foods so our meals never have to be bland or boring.

Once a week participants could earn points by meal prepping for the week and we learned we have a lot of chefs at FitWit! Food never has to be boring, you can get as creative as you’d like and choose foods that you know you will enjoy.

Challenge Takeaways

Before we get to our winners let’s hear from our participants and what they have learned over the past six weeks.

“I now feel informed. I know what foods make me feel good and I plan on continuing all these habits.” ~Vicki

“My mindset has totally changed. If I “cheat” or make a poor food/alcohol choice, I simply start again with my clean eating.” ~Lisa 

My mindset has totally changed. If I “cheat” or make a poor food/alcohol choice, I simply start again with my clean eating. ~Jill

“My life does not have to revolve around food and I realized the world will not end if I don’t eat all the foods that I want all the time.” ~Shannon

All of these folks had MAJOR success in shifting their mindset. This shift in mindset empowered them to continue practicing the habits they have learned. A challenge to ALL FITWIT MEMBERS is to choose one habit to practice. Practice this habit and build confidence, gain knowledge, and then see how it can continue to be incorporated into your life…this is where change and lasting discipline occurs. Many also experienced physical changes including increased energy levels, better sleep, and being able to zip up that winter jacket better.

“there has been a lot less fast food and more cooking – which is good for the whole family.” ~Carmen

“I have lost over 10 pounds!” ~Vicki

“Since removing alcohol my sleep has improved and I feel much more energized for my morning workouts.” ~Jill

“I find myself looking at food and thinking “do I need to eat that or do I want to eat it?” and “are you really hungry or just thirsty or bored?”. Moving forward I am trying to make meal prep easy more organized. more planned out and less my own episode of “Chopped”” ~Alison

“I can see more muscle definition, and I’m fitting into clothes that had been moved to the back of the closet.” ~Meagan

“I feel calmer.  My mood and energy level aren’t shifting as dramatically.” ~ Brandie

“Biggest mindset change: challenge is over, but I am not changing how I am eating! this is just the beginning!!!!” ~Kate

You have likely heard one of your FitWit coaches tell you that what you do in the kitchen can either enhance or destroy all that hard work you put in at the gym. Nutrition makes up 80% of your body composition, and what you fuel your body with matters. We will finish off with one more takeaway..

“I appreciate that this challenge has made me make myself a priority. As a mom and as someone who works in a non-profit field where the work is never really “done,” I think I fell into the bad habit of just doing, doing, doing without even considering what MY needs were – and that often looked like skipping workouts, grabbing whatever food was available, and feeling really stressed out. It feels really good to carve out the time I need to meditate or to work out or to meal plan – and to be unapologetic about that because ultimately, it helps in every aspect of my life – including working and momming.” ~Meagan

Let’s all be unapologetic about taking control of our health in the gym and in the kitchen. You only have one body and one mind let’s take control of our habits and make ourselves a priority on the daily, our future selves will thank us!

Now onto the winners…drum roll please…

1st Place: Brandie Scofield

2nd Place: Alison Riviere

3rd Place: Felicia Newberry

These women are members of the Kirkwood gym. Alison and Brandie started as newbies together a little over a year ago. If you were at our banquet you may remember Alison receiving the FitWit “most improved” award! Brandie works hard in every class and participates in all our monthly challenges. Felicia is a new member that just joined us in January 2018. She attend our 5am class and shows up early everyday and is always consistent, which tells you a lot about Felicia!

First place prize is personal chef hours with Clean Plate Club Atl. This session will include recipe and menu development and an in-home cooking lesson.

Second and third place winners will receive an Paleo Meal Pack from Edesia Meals delivered right to their front door!

There is a lot to be proud of through everyone’s accomplishments and results of this challenge. Join our Facebook group, Eat Fit, to engage more on these topics and to stay accountable. Great work team!