Nutritious Nuggets: What is collagen and why should I use it?

What is collagen?

You may be asking, what the heck is collagen? Collagen the main protein in you connective tissues, skin and bones. There is MORE collagen in you body than any other protein…whoa! It actually makes up to 35% of you total whole-body protein. When our bodies do not have enough collagen it can lead to issues such as body soreness, joint pain and even wrinkles!

What are the benefits?

Adding more collagen to your diet is an easy way to increase your daily protein intake. I like using collagen as a protein powder as well because it doesn’t have all those added chemicals and sugars like some other protein powders do. Using collagen on a daily basis can help improve the health of your hair, skin, nails, building stronger bones and increase joint mobility.

How do you use it?

My favorite way to get my collagen in on the daily is to add a scoop to my morning cup o’ joe. Collagen has very little flavor so it is easy to add it into many things. I also add a scoop or two into smoothies, soups, teas, and even water. There are many great collagen brands out there. I would recommend to make sure you are getting grass-fed product for the best quality. There are also good plant based collagen options if you are a vegetarian.

My two favs that I use are Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides and Perfect Keto Collagen. If you are looking for something with some flavor Perfect Keto has a delicious chocolate blend with just four ingredients: MCT oil, collagen, cocoa powder, and stevia leaf powder. I like to add it to a warm cup of almond milk for a rich cup of hot chocolate.