Nutritious Nuggets: What Should I eat??

Over and over we are asked what should I eat?? And it’s perhaps the number one question with anybody looking to change or maintain their physique. In the midst of that question, we already know many of you are subconsciously thinking of the bad food list vs. the good food list ready to hear your coach tell you of all the things you must give up to reach your dream physique.

In reality, food does not have to be so restrictive! Having a simple gauge of what foods to eat more of vs. eat less of takes the harsh restrictiveness of diets off your plate. And, depending on the time frame you’ve set to reach your goal, will help you decide how to adjust your meals accordingly.


The general rule for placing a food group on the spectrum is by asking yourself how close is it to its whole food state. The closer it is to its whole food state leads it to be a food to eat more of and the closer it is to it’s processed state leads it to be a food to eat less of.  Check out PN’s list of foods to eat more of and less of!

Infographic by Precision Nutrition
Infographic by Precision Nutrition
Infographic by Precision Nutrition


At the end of the day, you’re your own boss. If you struggle with what types of foods and how much food you should have on your plate to get to your goals, let us help! We want YOU to be in control and confident of your food choices, that’s why we’re offering a Silver and Platinum Nutrition Plan. These plans are designed to give you guidance, accountability, and all the tools YOU need to keep you in control. Click Here for more information!