Nutritious Nuggets: Are you practicing self care? Sign Up for the Summer Shape Up Challenge

Are you thinking about participating in the Summer Shape Up Challenge? You should!

What are we doing you ask? We are focusing on practicing eating WHOLE FOODS and building healthy habits like drinking more water, sleeping more and spending time with family away from distractions. During the challenge, you will be following along with a calendar to earn points for eating whole foods as well as practicing these healthy habits. You can find the full deets HERE on the challenge.

Big notes:

  • You’re eating REAl foods: (think foods that don’t come with a food label or a list of ingredients)
    • Examples: apples, chicken, potatoes, broccoli, green beans, etc
  • You’re AVOIDING: sugar (real or artificial), alcohol, dairy, and processed foods.
    • You can choose to do whole30 where you’ll also be eliminating legumes and all whole grains


I know what many of you are thinking….You want me to go for four weeks without (fill in the blank)??? For most people, the blank is alcohol, sugar, coffee creamer, and or bread.

First, let me share some wise words…

Many people believe the first sign of disease is high blood sugar, high cholesterol, a lump, high blood pressure, a failed medical test, etc., etc.  The first sign of disease is actually not caring about what you eat. That’s the first sign of disease, a lack of care for self.”- Mary Shenoouda (paleochef)

All of us are on this spectrum between health and disease. If you can move towards health, you’re going to feel much better. – Frank Lipman, MD

Whoa…major truth bombs there. If you are a member at FitWit then you are already showing that you care about your health. You are showing care for self by doing the mobility work, strengthening your muscles and conditioning your body for everyday movement. However, this care for self needs to carry outside of the gym as well and even go all the way to your dinner plate and the weekend. Start showing some more self-love by caring about what you stock up in your pantry and fridge. Are you eating foods that are helping you feel your best? OR are they making you feel bloated, tired, hungry all the time?

The Summer Shape Up Challenge is not necessarily about losing weight (though that may be an outcome for many). The challenge is about finding foods that make you feel your best and to start to practice self-care by consciously choosing what you are fueling your body with on a regular basis.

So with all that being said, I hope you will consider joining us in this challenge!