Nutritious Nuggets: You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

When I talk to people about nutrition I often hear things like “I could never eat that way,” “I could never go without (fill in the blank),” or “I failed on the first day so then I just went back to how I usually eat.”  This is a distorted way to look at food.  Food has no morals, it is not good or bad, it is just food. Are there food that will make you feel differently…you bet! Some foods may give you energy, while some may leave you feeling lethargic (insert Thanksgiving naps); some foods may make your pants fit better and some may leave you feeling bloated. Everyone is different and YOU have the ability to figure out which foods do this for you.

It being January we always start off with the year with a Nutrition Challenge. During this challenge we follow the Whole30 Program. One of the biggest reasons I hear people do not participate in the challenge is because they feel it is too restrictive and they feel they could NEVER remove certain foods. If this is your thought here is my encouragement to you. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT. While the goal is to stick to the program for the entire 5 weeks (because that is when you will get the most benefit), we also understand life happens. If you “mess up” that does not mean that you “failed” and it doesn’t even take you out of the running for prizes! Most of all it gives you the opportunity of practicing balance and not continuing to self sabotage when you feel you have made a choice that is not in line with your goals. Instead you get to practice bouncing right back into practicing healthy habits.

While the Reboot Challenge does focus on healthy nutrition habits by cutting out foods that cause inflammation and potential fat storage; it is about so much more than this! It is about focusing on self-care, mindfulness, hydration, sleep, and how to find the balance that is sustainable. It is about you developing a way of eating that helps you thrive for a lifetime.

If you feel like you are someone that needs to confront perfection then this challenge is for you. Remember no one is perfect. Do not let the lie of striving for perfection stop you from making small changes overtime that can make a huge impact on your life. Instead strive for progress and celebrate the journey!