O4W 10/19 – Tour of O4W Park

Tour of O4W Park

3 stations on our tour

Take a left out of the building toward Two Urban Licks to the beltline. Take a left on the beltline, and a right on that winding path that leads to O4W park. Once we get to the bottom we’ll have our first station.

1. 10 band high pulls + 10 bicep curls + sprint up the winding hill. Stand about 20m away to direct traffic. After everyone has gone once you’ll back up 5-10m. This should last around 5 min.

After station 1 run to the amphitheater by the pond

2. 10 front/side raises (total), 5 band thrusters. Then bunny hop the first set of stairs and run up the second. They can jog back down and restart. (5min)

We’ll run to the playground to the shortcut that goes to Ralph McGill, and back toward the gym

3. Core Finisher:

2-3 rounds

:40 Band anti rotational hold (20 sec each side)                               

:10 rest

:40 of Reverse crunches

:10 rest

:40 v-sit hold

:10 rest repeat