O4W Member of the Month: Rainey J.

FitWit Ladies and Gents – please give a voracious round of applause to the wonderful 6:15 pm regular, Rainey, for earning the title of February Member of the Month!!! In addition to the three words below that Rainey used to (accurately) describe herself, I would also add sincere, brave, and endearing. I’m not sure she has met a stranger or a challenge she isn’t up for. Rainey enters the gym consistently with a positive attitude seeking feedback, coaching, and guidance to help improve every day. She is always willing to try new things and is just plain fun to be around. Give your a high-five the next time you have the pleasure of working out with her and read on for all the spicy detail about our Member of the Month, Rainey!

Hometown:  Boston, MA by way of Memphis, TN and London, UK

Age:  28

Occupation: Operations Manager at a solar startup

When did you first start FitWiting? July 2018

Tell us about your sports & fitness background:  Well my sister was always the sporty one in the family. As a kid I mainly played sports for fun and the fitness. So happy I have found this at FitWit!

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting FitWit? I can now hold a plank for longer than 10 seconds! My stamina has increased. Last Saturday when we did a parking lot lap after the main workout, I thought to myself “I can totally do this”, whereas in the beginning I would have not been able to run after a rigorous workout. Also, my mental attitude has changed in regards to working out. I now do a body scan before workouts to see how I am feeling and workout to that level (plus maybe a little more). I realized that if I try the hardest I can on that day, then I will improve my fitness in the long run and not burn out. I also have seen my kb weights go up exponentially.

What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like FitWit that were totally unexpected? I find that I have more energy, and that I contribute more in other parts of my life. If I come to FitWit and take care of my health, I can be a better colleague, partner, friend, etc. I also sleep SO much better on the days I make it to FitWit.

Why do you FitWit? I FitWit to get stronger, to be better than I was yesterday, to take care of myself mentally and physically, and to see my lovely 6:15ers.

Favorite workouts? The Disappearing Act. I also just joined barbell club so adding those workouts have been fun too!

Least favorite workouts? Running, Turkish Get-ups (I’m just too clumsy!)

Three words to describe you: Fun, Determined, Unfiltered

Any favorite FitWit moments? Funnily enough, a favorite FitWit moment was my first A Mano run. It was hell and I was dead last. It was during one of the first few months of joining FW and putting myself through that run solidified my dedication to getting stronger. Ever since then, I have been pushing myself each and every time I come to class.

Fitness Goals? Do a pull-up!

Words to live by (Favorite Quote)? There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing.

Something cool we don’t know about you? I was in a professional choir when I was in high school. We were part of the Spice Girls Reunion tour for their UK dates.

Anything else you’d care to share? Just that I am so grateful – to everyone! To the coaches, to anyone I have ever been on a team with in class, to anyone who has ever given me a high five. You are a big part of the reason why I am getting stronger and why I keep coming to class every week!