O4W Workouts – Week of 4/16-4/20

Monday: 4/16

“Time After Time”

4×5 Min EMOMs: Count Total Number of Jump Ropes for all 4 EMOM’s

-Rest :90 Secs Between each-

EMOM 1: 10 Dips + Jump Rope

EMOM 2: 10 Jungle Gym Rows + Jump Rope

EMOM 3: 15 KB Swings + Jump Rope (R – 60+/45+) (W – 50+/40+) (B – 40+/30+)

EMOM 4: 10 Push Ups + Jump Rope


Red: 10 Reps, Feet Up Dips, Toe Push Ups, Double Unders

White: 8 Reps, Feet down in back Dips,  ½ Toe ½ Knee Push Ups, Single or Count DU attempts

Blue: 7 Reps, Feet in Front Dips, Knee Push Ups, Singles


Finish with a 5 min Mobility Piece:

5 x Ankle Rockers (ea. And with 20 sec holds)

5 x Shoulder Cars [each arm] (on the red wall, take 10 sec to get all the way around, then 10 sec to reverse the movement)  

Tuesday: 4/17

Partner KB Strength + Conditioning

On a Tabata clock (4 min / 8 intervals) in an I go, you go fashion (Partners will alternate intervals, so they will work for 20 sec and then have 40 sec rest until they go again)

2 KB Front Squat

2 KB Strict Press

2 KB Racked Lunge

Finish with: 18 min Partner Run Ladder

As Partner 1 Runs, Partner 2 does an exercise(s) until they come back. Then switch and repeat, going down in distance.

1st Run: To the beltline                 1st Exercise: Max Handstand Hold > Bear Crawl

2nd Run: To the blue mailbox       2nd Exercise: Max Pull Ups > Bar Hang

3rd Run: Ralph McGill Run             3rd Exercise: 5 x KB Cleans (alternate sides)

4th Run: Parking lot lap               4th Exercise: 5 x KB Rows (alternate sides)

Wednesday: 4/18


3 x 9 minute Circuits :45/:15 clock. Complete each circuit 3 times. 90 sec rest between circuits.


Circuit 1:

Sumo Inchworm Shoulder Taps

Alternating KB Clean and Press: R:(40+/30+),W:(30+/25+),B:(20+/15+)

Squat Jumps B: Squats


Circuit 2:

Down Dog Toe Touch to Plank w/ crossing toe touches (B: Plank leg lifts)

KB Swings  R:(60+/53+),W:(45+/40+),B:(30+/25+)

Superman Hold


Circuit 3:

Mountain Climbers to Push up (4 Climbers:1 Push up)

KB Squat High Pull: R:(53+/45+),W:(40+/30+),B:(30+/20+)

Hollow Hold


Thursday: 4/19

4 Rounds :40 sec on /:20 sec transition time

1 min rest b/t rounds


2 KB Push Press (45+/35+) (35+/25+) (25+/15+)

JG Mountain Climbers

Hollow Hold

ERG – Distance Goals: R (170-220m) W (130-170m) B (100 -150m)

Bird Dog  (adv: Floating Bird Dog – knees hovering over the ground)

-Rest 1 min and repeat-


The Price is Right

Split class up in 3 teams. Give each team pen and paper for them to write down their guess. Team must hold a holding exercise (Plank, Squat hold, Down Dog and Hip Bridge hold)  for 60 sec while discussing how much the item cost. After 60 sec are up, they will reveal their answer.

The 4 items will be presented one at a time.

Winner: 1 lap around the parking lot

Losers: 12 Burpees

Friday: 4/20

The Mic Drop – 420 total reps, then chill (non-assessed)  

50 reps each exercise (B – 30 reps):

Wall Balls R (20/15) W (15/12) B (12/10)


Lunges (each leg)

KB High Pulls R:(53+/45+),W:(40+/30+),B:(30+/20+)

Star Crunches (Total)

MB Sit up and Press R (20/15) W (15/12) B (12/10)

JG Chest Press

Double Unders (W – 200 singles, B – 150 singles)

20 Burpees


Early Finishers:

Slow strength/mobility work
20 Inner and outer leg lifts per side (laying on your side)

10 fire hydrants/leg (rotating in a circle, forward & back =1)
10 single leg leg lifts from back or on foam roller