O4W Workouts – Week of 5/14-5/18

Monday: 5/14

Infinity ladder

2 x 10 min AMRAPS start @4 reps and go up by 2 every round


  1. Wall Balls / Toes to Bar (Hanging knees to chest or V-ups) / Horizontal Rows

  2. Burpees / Band Shoulder Press / Overhead lunges [each]  (45+/35+) (35+/25+) (25+/15+)


Finish with Wall Sit + Plank Hold (8-min)

Each round is :90 – as length of wall sit decreases, plank hold increases

Wall sit :60/Plank hold :30

Wall sit :50/Plank hold :40

Wall sit :40/Plank Hold :50

Wall sit :30/Plank hold :60

Wall sit :20/Plank hold :70



Tuesday: 5/15

The Three Day Weekend: 30 Minute Time Cap

– Scored time on First Half: R/W/B

– Number of Jump Rope at The End – This has no Color Version to it.

– I.E. = 24:36 R + 75 D.U.


RND 1:

Run Ralph McGill Lap

40 Squats

40 Pushups  

40 KB Swings R:(60+/40+), W:(45+/ 35+), B:(40+/30+)


RND 2:

Run to Blue Mailbox

30 Goblet Squats R:(50+/40+), W:(40+/30+), B:(30+/20+)

30 Dips

30 KB Swings


RND 3:

Run to Beltline Sculpture

20 2 KB Front Squats R:(40+,30+) W:(30+,25+) B:(25+/20+)

20 Pull Ups  

20 KB Swings  



RED: Toe Push Ups, Feet Up Dips, Unassisted Pull Ups.

WHITE: At least ½ pushups on toes, TRX Laying Low Rows, Feet Down for White,

BLUE: Sub 200m run every round and 20 reps every round, Knee Push Ups, TRX Laying Low Rows, Feet in Front.


Finish with Jump Rope Skill work:

Double Unders or Singles


Wednesday: 5/16

Disappearing Act

The first exercise will last :30, and will be followed by :30 rest. Each round you will add one exercise, but the rest will stay the same. After we get to all 6 exercises the next round #1 will disappear, and so on until 6 is the only and final exercise.

  1. Slam Balls

  2. Mtn Climber

  3. Plank

  4. MB toe taps

  5. Ninjas

  6. Jumping Lunges (sub step back with knee drive, switching ½ way)


After completing all 6 exercises in a row, shake up run – Parking lot to Ralph McGill Loop. Rest 30 sec before re-starting circuit.


Thursday: 5/17

5×5 min stations here – 1 Minute Rest BTWN Stations

Station 1: Row Tabata Sprints :20/:10

Station 2: AMRAP 10x TRX Kneeling Rollout 10x (Total 5/Side) Pistol squats Crate depth and unassisted / let the opposite heel stay planted on the way up giving a bit of assistance / Opposite leg touches the ground behind you and assists down and up (like a lunge) and can use JG, if needed

Repeat, aiming for 3-5 rounds

Station 3: AMRAP 5 x Heavy Sumo Deadlift , rest 30 sec, repeat aiming for 3-5 rounds

Station 4: AMRAP 5 x 2 KB Push Press 5x Pistol Lift Offs each Leg With 5 Sec Pause Repeat

Station 5: AMRAP Core 3-4 RNDS For Quality – 10x Windshield wipers (each side) , 10x (Total 5/Side) Dead Bugs, 10x Curl Ups (With :5 Sec Pause at Top)


Friday: 5/18

15 Min Partner Chipper Workout – I go, you go as they keep a running count on reps as they work toward completing 100 reps and move down the board (go 10 reps at a time)

100 Band Front Raises (double up bands, as needed)

100 V-ups

100 Box Jumps (sub step ups w/knee drive at the top)

100 KB Floor Press


Then, High Score Low Score: 15 Mins Team point Game

Split class up into 2 big teams. They then will complete either a 1 or 2 point exercise which they can add to their board or take away from the opposing teams board. Highest score wins.

Parking lot loop between each exercise. Can’t do the same exercise back to back.


1 point each for:

  • 20x T Pushups (Total)

  • 20x Sit-outs (Total)

  • 8x Burpee Lateral Jump (Over & Back)

  • 25x TRX Bicep Curls

  • 25x TRX Row

  • 10x (ES) KB Rows

  • Suitcase Carry width of the gym and back (M: 70+, W: 50+)


2 points each for:

  • Ralph McG Run  

  • 10x Burpee Pull-ups

  • 250 m Row