O4W Workouts for 10/1-10/6

Monday 10/1

4 x 7 min AMRAPS / 1 min Rest

1)Focus: Core

8 Reps of: JG Single Arm Row w. Rotation (total) / JG Pike Ups (mod knees to chest) / JG Plank to Pushup / V-ups

 2)   Focus: Strength

 4 Reps of: 2 KB Front Squat / 1 KB Push Press / 1 KB Row / 2 KB Clean


   3)   Focus: Cardio

 Air Bike : 30 sec Sprint 30 sec Rest [Partner up if needed]


   4)  Focus: Movement and Flow

 Traveling the width of the gym: Cat Crawl / Crab Crawl / Monkey Walk / Cossack Lunge

Tuesday 10/2

Suicide Squad (Skate Park Workout)

3 min Rounds with 2 min rest b/t rounds for 5 rounds

Start under the awning / Sprint to the cone 1 (about 15 meters out) and back pedal back / Sprint to cone 2 (30 meters away) and back pedal back / Sprint to cone 3 (45 meters out) and backpedal back / Sprint to cone 4 all the way up the little hill and the end of the hill and SPRINT BACK (no backpedal on the last run)  then do as many burpees as you can

Blue: Sprint and back pedal to cone 1 and 2 then sprints to cone 3 and sprints back. Then as many burpees as possible the rest of the 3 min.


Wednesday 10/3

Get your HIIT on (Missy Elliot Playlist)

1st time through all 4 Stations: Tabata Clock (:20/:10 x 8 = 4 min each station)

2nd time through all 4 Stations: 30 sec each exercise for 4 sets  (4 min)

30 sec rest b/t Stations / Alt. b/t the 2 exercises every interval and repeat for 4 min then move to the next Station


  1. Slam Balls and Wall Balls

-30 sec rest-

  1. Barrier Jumps and Side Lunges

-30 sec rest-

  1. Lateral Shuffle (width of the gym) and Ninjas

-30 sec rest-

  1. KB Swings and Inch Worms

-30 sec rest-


Thursday 10/4

25 min Partner Strength (Partners are working at the same time)

5 sets of 10x (Total 5/Side)Goblet KB Lateral Box Step Ups

5 sets of 8x 2 KB Heavy Suitcase Deadlifts R:(70+/60+)W:(55+/45+)B:(40+/30+)

5 sets of 6x Pull Ups W: Band Assisted Pull Ups B: TRX Pull Ups/Rows

5 sets of 2 Touches (Total) Down & Back Suitcase KB March (50+/70+)


Between sets, work through 20 reps of a core exercise:

V-ups / Hollow Crunches / Lemon squeezes / Heels to Sky / Plank Leg Lifts (total)


Finish up with 7 way Hips



Friday 10/5


UNO Mas (We will need a deck of uno cards)

25 min

Teams of 4 Rotating Through 4 Stations (if there is a team of 3, have them work for the time it takes another teams rower to get to 400 meters) trying to get as many meters as possible for the win


400 meter Row 300 meter (Time Keeper)

UNO Single Leg Balance

Max Yellow Bar Dips To Yellow Bar Hold

10 x JG Mtn Climbers (each side ) to 2 Push ups


5 min Core Finisher: Trainers choices