O4W Workouts for the Week of 11/5-11/9

Monday 11/5


Newbie Day 1:

Plank / Squat / Push up / Row


Buy in: 2 laps around the parking lot  

2 Rounds of:

10 Push Ups

15 Rows

20 Squats

Cash out: 2 Parking Lot Laps


Vets: Time Keeper


In teams of 4 Campers are working their way through 4 Exercises where 1 of those 4  determines how long team members will be working on the other exercises. They will rotate through 4 exercises until time is up.


3 x 10 min Rounds with 1 min rest b/t rounds


RND 1 :


Row 250 / 250 / 200  (Timekeeper)

Resisted Side Steps

(Big) MB Atomic Push ups

Pull ups


RND 2:


Bike 2015 / 15-12 / 12-10 Cal (Timekeeper)

Resistance band OH Squat  

Prone 2 KB Rows

Sit Up and Double Press


RND 3:


Run Ralph McG / Ralph McG / Parking Lot Lap (Timekeeper)

Resistance band High Pulls

Double Squat MB Halos  



Tuesday 11/6


The Fac Attack (Assessed) (Stacy We have assessed this on 3/21/17 if you could pull previous scores)

They can complete the exercises in any order after each run, but they must complete all before moving on to the next run.


Round 1: Run 5 laps, then 50 reps of



-Mountain climbers (per leg)

-Wall ball

Round 2: Run 4 laps, then 40 reps of



-Mountain climbers

-Wall balls


Round 3: Run 3 laps, then 30 reps of



-Mountain climbers

-Wall balls



Run 2 laps and call time

White: Take one lap and 10 reps away from every round (1st round 4 laps 40 reps). Still finish    with 1 lap at the end

Blue: Same workout as the white version but take out round 1

Early finishers: Mobility Work


Wednesday 11/7


:30 sec on :15 sec rest


DB Back Step Lunges

Hollow Hold

Heavy Rope

Lemon Squeezes

KB Swings

Jump Rope


Finish each round with a parking lot lap / Rest 1 min and repeat 5 x



Thursday 11/8


Newbie Day 2


Meathead Thursday


Partner Superset (I go, you go)

5 x 4-6 reps


2 KB Squat + Pistol squats (each leg)


2 KB Press + 1 KB Front Raises


2 KB Deadlift + 1 KB Single leg Deadlift / Staggered Stance DL (each leg)


2 KB Floor Press + Push up variations (Plyo Push Up / Hand Release Push Up / Regular Push Ups


Finish on Burpee Tabata (4 min / :20 sec of work / :10 sec of rest)


Friday 11/9


“I’m in the Band”


First 10 min campers will be Partnered up and work their way through band resisted traveling exercises going the width of the gym , Then switching with their partner


Banded Bear Crawl

Banded High Knees

Banded Lateral Plank Walk (switch sides half way)

Banded Back Pedal


Then 20 min Amrap

12 x Burpees

10 x 1 Arm KB Cleans (Total)   

8 x KB Push Press (same KB)

6 x Box Jumps

4 x T-Stand Push ups (each side)