O4W Workouts – Week of 1/8-1/13

Monday: Jan 8th

Newbie day 1: Bracing (non-assessed plank / Hollow body progression), Push up, Squat, TRX Row and Erg Row instruction  


4 x 6 min stations 1 min – 90 sec rest b/t stations

:20 sec on :10 sec off, sticking to each exercises for 2 intervals.

Station 1 Pull: 1 Arm KB Row / Superman

Station 2 Push: 2 KB Push Press / Push ups

Station 3 Squat: Squat Jumps / Step Back Lunges

Station 4 Core: V-ups / Spiderman plank


Tuesday: Jan 9th  

Newbie day 2 – KB instruction


30 min Partner Leapfrog AMRAP

Partners work in an I Go You Go fashion. One person starts on Jumping Jacks, then the other does Mtn. Climbers, Then person one does KB Swings, then person two does Sumo DL and so on. Working their way all the way down the board until both finish with a cardio exercise of their choice (working at the same time)


20 Jumping Jacks

20 Mountain climbers (each)

10 Heavy KB Swings

10 Heavy Sumo Deadlift

20 High Knees (each side)

20 Tuck Jumps

10 Star Crunches (each side)

10 MB Sit up and Double Press

Both: 10 Burpees and 2 Parking lot laps or 400 meter Row


Wednesday: Jan 10th

5 min of:

5 sets x 5 reps of Strength – EMOM Style

Choosing between: Chin-ups or 2 KB Suitcase DL

Every min on the min, execute either 5 heavy kb suitcase DL or 5-8 chin-ups. Use Jungle gyms for people that aren’t able to do unassisted chin ups.


HIIT 30 on 30 hold


3 x 7 min rounds with 1 min rest after each round


:30 sec dynamic explosive and speed, followed by :30 sec Isometric and stabilization hold.


All Body weight exercises moving all the way down the board rest and repeat


Ski Jumps

Single bent leg hold (15 sec left/right) (standing on one leg with a slightly bent leg)



Plyo Push ups

Push up hold

Hip Bridges

Single leg Hip Bridge Hold (15 sec left/right)

Leg Lifts

Hollow Hold

Alt Superman

Superman Hold


Squat Hold


1 min Rest and repeat 2 more time


Thursday: Jan 11th

2 x 16 MIN Stations


Partner Rowing: 2 x 4 Min Pieces (each partner will row twice)

  • Partner 1: ROW R:(2:00/1:45)(2:10/1:55) W:(2:10/1:55)(2:15/2:00)B:(2:15/2:00)(2:30/2:15)

  • :30 Easy Row

  • :30 Spirit at 90% Effort 2K Pace


  • AMRAP:

10x PVC pass through

10x Down dog push ups

5x Bird dogs (Each Side) [2 sec hold]

Bear crawl to cone and back (about 15 feet one way)



  • 30x Mtn Climbers (Total)

  • 20x Lemon Squeezes

  • 20x KB Goblet step back lunges (Total)

  • 10x PVC Lat Pull Downs

  • 1 Parking lot lap or 100 Singles / 50 DU



Friday: Jan 12th

The Fantastic Four

2 x 8 min Stations.  :45 sec on :15 sec Transition and 30 sec rest after they have gone through all exercises once and 90 sec – 2 min rest b/t stations

Have campers team up in teams of 4. Each team member will start at a different exercise and work for :40 sec. Then they get :20 sec of rest / transition time to move to the next exercise. They will run through stations 2 times before moving to station 2. Set campers up like an assembly line so they can move through the exercises clearly.


Station 1:

Slam balls

Hollow hold

KB Squat Cleans

Jungle Gym Hamstring curls


Station 2:

MB Knees to chest


KB DL High Pulls (should be able to use same weight as the squat cleans)


Finish with a Team Row Relay:

Put 6-8 min on the monitors (depending on how much time you’ll have left) 1 Team member rows at a time and they switch every 250 meters. Team with the most points gets bragging rights on FB or Instagram!