O4W Workouts – Week of 11/13-11/17 – TEAM WEEK

Monday: 11/13

THREE Team Week Points: Attendance, Partner Jump Rope :30/:30, KB Carry + Burpees

3 x 6 min stations –

Each 6-min is comprised of 3 RNDS of work/rest intervals as follows: :30/:30, :20/:20, :10/:10

Station 1:

RND 1 + 3: Deadlift High Pulls

RND  2: Situps  


Station 2:

RND 1 + 3: Hanging knees to opposite elbow (or using ab slings)

RND 2: Hollow Body Hold  


Station 3:

RND 1 + 3: Heavy Rope Slams

RND 2: Slam Ball


Finish with RED v. BLUE Competitions:

-Partner Jump Rope (4 min) – Partner Up with someone on the same team. 4 minutes to get as many singles as possible in this fashion: one person jumps rope for 30 seconds and then the next person goes (trainer calls out every 30 seconds). Count total jumps for the partnership, BUT if you mess up your jump, you have to stop and wait for the next 30 seconds to begin. Team that avg. the most reps over 4 min picks up the point.


-KB carry + Burpee (4-min) Both teams choose team members to move kbs as quickly as possible while, at the same time, members of the other team are doing burpees. Team with the most burpees performed while other team completes the carry wins.


Tuesday: 11/14

FOUR Team Week Points: Attendance, Flexed Arm Hang, Thrusters, Frisbee Catch Relay


The Laundry List (not assessed – we’ll cap this at 20-min)

R – Parking lot lap to Ralph McGill loop) W: Ralph McGill loop B: parking lot lap

30 Pushups

30 KB Headcutters R: (40+/30+) W: (35/25) B: (30/20)

30 Side Plank Hip Touches (total)

30 Jungle Gym Rows

30 Wall Ball R: (20/15) W: (15/12) B: (12/10)

30 Star Crunches (total)

30 Push Press (total) R: (45+/35+) W: (35+/ 25+) B: (25/15+)

30 Lateral/Barrier Jumps (over and back = 1)

30 Dips

R – Parking lot lap to Ralph McGill loop) W: Ralph McGill loop B: parking lot lap

Blue = 20 reps of every exercise


Finish with RED v. BLUE Competitions:

-Flexed Arm Hang (3-min) – Clock stops when chin gets below bar – team with longest avg. wins the point.

-2KB Thruster Challenge (1-2 min) – Team with most reps in 60 sec gets the point! Both teams will go at the same time  using the bells provided. 

-Frisbee Relay (5-min): One team starts on the frisbee toss and the other on the team exercises. The team with the most completed frisbee catches in the amount of time it takes the other team to complete the exercises wins the point. Team exercises (reps are per person, team must complete all reps of one exercise before moving on to the next and they can do reps for team mates):

50 Jumping Jacks

50 Mtn Climbers (total)

50 Sprinter Situps (total)


Wednesday: 11/15

FOUR Team Week Points: Attendance, Row Relay, FB shout out (will announce point winner on Thurs), Attendance @ Wine Down Yoga (will announce point winner on Thurs)


HIIT 4×5 Min Stations

5 min stations with continuously running clock, alternating between 2 exercises every 30 sec. 2-min sec rest/transition between stations.



KB Swings R:(60+/53+) W:(45+/35+) B:(35+/25+)

2KB March w/ 2 sec pause @ Top (using 2 bells that are same size as their swing weight)



Handstand Hold (sub pike or downdog hold)

Heavy KB 1-Arm Overhead Carry R:(45+/35+) W:(40+/30+) B:(30+/20+)



KB Goblet Walking or Stepback Lunges R:(60+/45+) W:(45+/35+) B:(35+/25+)




Spiderman Plank

Scissor kicks


Finish with RED v. BLUE Competitions:

Row relay – Teams of 3 (grouped according to Red and Blue teams). Switch every 250 m with every teammate going 3x.


Thursday: 11/16

THREE Team Week Points: Attendance, Lunge/Crawl Relay, MB Throw for Distance


20-Min Skatepark AMRAP (outdoor workout)

Complete suicide sprints between the cones

6x 8-Count Burpees

12x Bench Jumps (sub 12 lateral step ups per leg)

12x Incline or Decline Pushups  

12x Lemon Squeezes


Finish with RED v. BLUE Competitions:

-Lunge/Crawl Relay (4-min): We’ll use the cones from the workout for this event. Split into Red and Blue. All team members working at the same time to complete 60 squats per person where teammates can pick up extra reps for each other. With remaining time, bear crawl & lunge for distance.

-MB Throw for distance – Every member of the team must throw the 15 lb. ball once.  Team getting the farthest distance after all throws wins the point. Throw in any fashion down the field.


Friday: 11/17

FOUR Team Week Points: Attendance, Spirit (chosen by the trainers based on teams dress-up theme), Cornhole, Wheel of Fortune  

Burpees on the Minute – 3 RNDS

4 burpees at the top of every minute, then immediately perform the secondary exercise for approx 30 sec until trainer calls REST at 45 sec mark. Rest :15, back to the top with burpees.

-Overhead Squats (with bar or PVC)

-Elbow Plank leg lifts

-Side Lunges


-Jump Rope

After every RND run a parking lot as follows: jog the curve to the straightaway on other side of parking lot, SPRINT the straightaway, jog the rest of the way back in the gym.

Finish with RED v. BLUE Competitions:

-Cornhole Relay (3-min)- Team Red and Team Blue each get a cornhole board and 4 bags. Team with most points gets the point – 1 on the board and 3 in the hole.

– Wheel of Fortune Finale (10-min)