O4W Workouts – Week of 12/17-12/21

Monday 12/17

All I want for Christmas

3 x 10 min stations – Cardio/Strength/Mobility

2-min rest between stations

One: Strength – 10 Minutes

start at 2 reps, go up by 2 each round (start heavy & work to lighter)

– Single KB Heavy Sumo Deadlift

– Renegade row + push-up  (Total – 1 push-up every 2 rows)

– KB Pull through(Total)

– 1 arm Squat high pulls (total)

Two: Cardio – 10 Minutes

Start with 2 reps, and add 2 reps every round. Do 10 jumping jacks after each round

– Ski Abs (eachside = 1 rep)

– Jumping Lunges (each leg = 1)

– Mountain Climbers (over and back = 1)

– Thrust ups for height (quarter plyo squat jump)

Three: Mobility – 10 minutes

start at 2 reps, go up 2 each round

– PVC Squat stands

– PVC OH squats (put in front of red wall to keep chest up if needed)

– Ninjas (Mountain climbers the hard way as sub)

Yoga push-ups (do a push-up and then go into downward dog for a one count hold)


Tuesday 12/18

Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer (aka the wheel) (non-assessed but still write down reps on white board) – Score is reps complete after all 5 rounds

5 exercises/5 rounds.  :90 rest between rounds.

5-min continuously running clock, switching exercises every :60.

1. 1 arm front squat (switch arms half way) R-45+/35+ W-35+/25+ B- 25+/15+

2. MB Sit-ups (stays on chest with bent legs)R-20/15 W- 15/12 B-12/10

3. Burpees

4. 1 KB racked step back lunge (Switch legs & arms half way, use same weight as Squat)

5. Push-ups – R-Toes/W-1/2 Toes/B-All knees or TRX


Wednesday 12/19

Sil-HIIT Night!

3 x 10 min Stations

3 RNDS of 3 exercises on a :40 on/:20 clock. Finish out the station on 1-min of jump rope. Rest 1-min and move on to the next station.

Station 1: Push up / Slam Ball / MB Sit ups (tapping ball behind head and between legs) / Repeat for 3 total RNDS

Finish with 1-min of jump rope

Station 2: Goblet Squat / Monkey Crawl / Plank Shoulder Tap / Repeat for 3 total RNDS

Finish with 1-min of jump rope

Station 3:  Yellow Bar Dips / Frogger / Heels to Sky / Repeat for 3 total RNDS

Finish with 1-min of jump rope


Thursday 12/20

Sleigh Bells Ring

Heavy Unilateral KB Circuit (20 min) – pick a weight that will allow you to do 5-8 reps (If they need multiple bells to go heavier that’s fine)

-Single Leg Deadlift with bell in both hands (or Staggered stance if needed)

-Single leg single arm rows (Both feet planted if needed)

-Single single arm Overhead Press (press arm is same as plant leg)

-Single OH KB Squats (in rack if needed)

Go through the circuit as a ladder starting at 4 reps of all exercises on the right side, and than 4 reps of all on the left. Take a rest and repeat at 5 reps/side. Continue up the ladder until you hit 7 reps on each side, and then come back down the ladder. Continue going up and down the ladder until time is called. 4-5-6-7-6-5-4-5-6-7….

Santa’s sleigh Team 4k


In Teams of 4, campers are racing to complete a 4k as fast as possible. They will switch Rowers every 250 meters, so each person will row 4x. Make sure to set up monitors @2000 meters.


Friday 12/21

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

25 min AMRAP

5 x Heavy Farmers Carry (width of the gym down = 1)

10 x Step ups (total) or Box Jumps

15 x JG Knees to Chest

20 x Wall Balls

25 x Mtn Climbers (each side)

30 Cal Row (20 Cal Bike)


5 min Team Finisher:

Heels roasting on an open fire:

-Get teams of 5+ in a circle (can split into red, white, blue) with a 15lb medball, everyone’s feet facing the middle of the circle

-On go teams will all lift their heels off the ground and start to pass the medball. When it returns to the person who started with the ball will reverse it.

-If someone on the team drops their heels, they will stand up and do 15 jumping jacks before re-entering the circle, while their team keeps passing/tossing the ball in the circle. Team who can’t keep the ball moving loses