O4W Workouts – Week of 12/18-12/22

Monday: 12/18

5 stations x 2 min per station. After going through all 5 stations, we’ll rest 1-min and repeat for a total of 3 RNDS.


Each 2 min station consists of:

45 sec of exercise #1

45 sec of exercise #2

30 sec rest/transition to next station


  1. 2KB Suitcase Deadlift + 2KB March (with 2 sec pause at top)

  2. Plate Hops + Crawl

  3. Jungle Gym Pushups + Jungle Gym Rows

  4. KB Swings + Plank Hold

  5. MB Thrusters + MB Lateral Toe Taps


Tuesday: 12/19

Heavy Ropes v. Rowing – 15 min each


Rowing: Groups of 3

Teammate 1: Row R: 250M W:225M B: 200M  

Teammate 2: 2KB Rack Hold (45+/35+)

Teammate 3: 8-count burpees

Rower is the timekeeper so teammates rotate positions when rower rows prescribed distance. Continue to rotate through the 3 positions for 15-min.


Heavy Ropes: Groups of 3

Teammate 1: 40 Up and Over/50 Big Double Slams/60 Small Alternating Waves

Teammate 2: MB Situp and Double Press/Kneeling MB Halos    

Teammate 3: MB Rotational Reverse Lunge/MB Side Lunge

The heavy rope exercise is the timekeeper, so teammates rotate positions when the prescribed number of reps on rope exercise is completed. For the MB exercises, alternate exercise every RND. Continue to rotate through the 3 positions for 15-min.


Wednesday: 12/20

Row the Circuit

4-min RNDS with 45 sec rest between RNDS

-Rowers row for the full 4-min while everyone else rotates through the following 4 exercises on a :45/:15 clock

-JG Knees to Chest (feet in straps) OR Hanging Knees to Chest/Toes to Bar

– 1-Arm DB Thrusters (switch ½ way) (R- 40+/30+, W – 30+/20+, B – 20+/10+)

-1-Arm Bent-Over Rows (switch ½ way) – use same DB for thrusters and rows (adv. Renegade Rows)

– Jump Rope

Complete a total of 5 RNDS


Finish with Wall Sit + Plank Hold (8-min)

Each round is :90 – as length of wall sit decreases, plank hold increases

Wall sit :60/Plank hold :30

Wall sit :50/Plank hold :40

Wall sit :40/Plank Hold :50

Wall sit :30/Plank hold :60

Wall sit :20/Plank hold :70


Thursday: 12/21

Partner Strength + Conditioning – “I go, you go!”

Heavy Partner Tabata (12-min): One partner works the first 20 sec while other partner rests and switch such that each partner performs 1 set for 20 sec every minute. Each partner will complete 6 total sets over the 6-min, alternating between two exercises every round so that they end up performing 3 sets of each. They’ll choose a weight they can move for 20 sec.


Minute 1: 2KB Front Squats

Minute 2: Goblet Squats (using 1 of the bells used for front squats)


Minute 1: 2KB Shoulder Press

Minute 2: 2KB Push Press (using same bells as shoulder press)  


Finish with Partner Leap Frog (15-min AMRAP) to be completed in an I go, you go fashion such that one partner is working while the other is resting. You start at the first exercise and when you are done with your 12 reps your partner does the second exercise for 12 reps. Continue in this fashion leap frogging each other until time is called.


12 Dips

12 Wall Ball

12 Step back lunges with knee drive) (6/side)  

12 Pushups

12 MB Toe Touches (with MB extend over head and legs @ 90 degrees, reach MB up to touch toes)

12 Sprinter Situps

12 MB Barrier Jumps (over and back = 1)

12 Burpees

1 Parking lot lap  


Friday: 12/22

12 Days of Christmas

All campers start by just completing exercise 1. Then they complete exercise 2 and then exercise 1. Then exercise 3, exercise 2 and exercise 1, just like the order of the days in the song.


1 – KB Overhead Carry (out and back width of gym) – switch arms ½ way

2 – KB Push Press (per side)

3 – Inchworm Pushups

4 – Goblet Squats

5 – Burpees    

6 – Lemon Squeezes

7 – KB Goblet Step Back Lunge (per leg)

8 –  KB High Pulls

9 –  Side Plank Touches (per side)

10 – Mtn Climbers (per leg)

11 – KB Bent Rows (per side)   

12 – Sitouts (each side)


Ex. KB OH carry out and back

2 Push Press per arm and OH carry out and back

3 Inchworm pushups, 2 pushup press per arm and OH carry out and back

So forth and so on. . . they’ll continue in this fashion all the way up the ladder.


Early Finishers: Core AMRAP

Max Hollow Body Hold

10 Superman

10 Dead Bugs (5/Side)

10 Hip Bridge Raises