O4W Workouts – Week of 12/4-12/9

Monday: 12/4

8 is Enough

RNDS start every 8 min. For a total of 4 RNDS on a 32-min continuously running clock

45/15 of the following:

  • 2KB Suitcase Hold Step Ups R:(30+/25+)W:(25+/20+)B:(20+/15+) – they’ll keep one foot planted and switch ½ way
  • Heavy Ropes
  • 1-Arm Bent Over Dumbbell Rows (switch ½ way)
  • ERG
  • Ninjas

Immediately following each round, run! Any time remaining on 8-min clock when runner returns is rest/transition to starting station.

Red: parking lot + Ralph McGill loop

White: Ralph McGill loop

Blue: parking lot lap


Tuesday: 12/5

Timed Mile (re-test from 9/26) – WEATHER PERMITTING


Starting at the Skatepark on Willoughby Way (start/finish line is where the straightaway begins), follow Willoughby until it hit Ralph McGill. Take a R on Ralph McGill. Take a R on Ashley Ave. Take a L on Willoughby way to return to the finish line.

Non-runners will stay back at the gym and complete an assessed 2,000m ERG row. After sufficient rest, they’ll work through the following AMRAP until the runners return:

10 Moving Dead Bugs (per leg)

10 Sumo Squats

10 V-ups or Lemon Squeezes

10 Pushup to Plank



ONCE BACK IN GYM, FINISH WITH: Tabata Mashup (12-min)

4 x :20/:10 of the following 6 exercises

Bar hang/Hanging knees to Chest/Toes to Bar (try to hang for full :20)


Hollow Body Hold

Squat Pushups

Spiderman Plank

Sprinter Situps



6-MIN Partner EMOM – 2KB Thrusters R:(40+/30+) W:(35+/25+) B:(25+/15+)

R: 15 reps W: 12 reps  B: 10 reps

Partner 1 goes on 1st Minute

Partner 2 goes on 2nd Minute

Rest while partner is working


Then, Disappearing Act (23-min)

The first exercise will last :30, and will be followed by :30 rest. Each round you will add one exercise, but the rest will stay the same. After we get to all 6 exercises the next round #1 will disappear, and so on until 6 is the only and final exercise.

  1. KB Swings

  2. Spiderman Plank

  3. Broad Jump Burpees

  4. Squat Pushup

  5. Sprinter Situps

  6. Step Back Lunge w/knee drive (switch ½ way) (adv. add hop)













Wednesday: 12/6

3 x 10 min stations

Station 1:

ERG Sprints – :30 on/:30 off x 10 RNDS

:30 rest can be slow paddle or true rest


Station 2: 10-MIN AMRAP

50 Double Unders or 150 singles

5 Inchworms w/2 pushups at bottom

Cat crawl (hips low) (width of gym and back)


Station 3: Partner Pull ups and Core Work

While one partner works on pullup progression, other partner works through core board. Partners switch when partner has completed task on the pull up rig. Partners pick up where they left off on the core board.

2 x max Flexed Arm Hang with chin over the bar (or using JG), then switch with partner.

2 sets of max reps of full ROM pullups (unassisted, with band, or jungle gym) (if using a band, sets should be somewhere in the 5-8 rep range), then switch with partner.

Repeat for 10-min


Core Board:

Max hollow ab hold

10 Side Plank Touches per side

20 Mtn Climbers per side

10 Lemon Squeezes



Thursday: 12/7

Partner Strength + Mobility

While one partner completes the KB exercise, the other completes the mobility exercise. Switch and repeat for 5-min. When 5 min is up, repeat with next strength + mobility pairing.

  • 5-min with a partner: 6 (per leg) x 2KB Suitcase Lunges (Walking or Stationary Step Back) + 90/90 Stretch

  • 5 min with a partner: 6 2KB Shoulder Press + PVC Pass Throughs


Finish with the following (non-assessed) [20-min time cap]

R – 5 RNDS W – 4 RNDS B – 3 RNDS

2 Parking lot laps (or 350 m row)

20 Wall Ball (R 20/15, W 15/12, B 12/10)

15 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls R (55+/40+) W (45+/30+) B (30+/20+)


Friday: 12/8

Partner AMRAPs – 2 x  6 min ea  


AMRAP 1: While one partner rack carries 4x width of gym (2 out and backs), other partner practices pushups by performing small sets of PERFECT reps. Switch back and forth for 6-min.

-Rack Carries + Pushups


AMRAP 2: Repeat with heavy bells for farmer’s carry and pistol squats

-Farmer’s Carry + Pistol Squats (sub lateral step ups from a high box) (use JG’s or boxes for assisted pistols)


Finish with 3 exercise Conditioning EMOM (15 min) – 3 min RNDS x 5 RNDS

Switch positions after each exercise (Slam → Jump Rope → Burpees)

  • Station 1: 20 Slam Ball and Rest the Remainder of the Minute

  • Station 2: 30 Double Unders / W: 60 Singles B: 40 Singles & Rest the Remainder of the Minute

  • Station 3: Burpees and Rest the Remainder of the Minute R: 12 W: 10 B: 8