O4W Workouts – Week of 4/30-5/4

Monday 4/30

Case of the Mondays

25 min AMRAP + every 5 min Campers choose a Ralph McGill run or a 400 meter row

10 Reps per exercise:

KB Swings (60+/53+) (53+/40+) (40+/30+)

Push ups

Goblet Squats (use the same KB as the KB Swing bell)

Mtn Climbers the hard way (per side)

KB DL Goblet Clean (use the same KB as the KB Swing bell)

Sit-outs (Total)  


Finish with Bring Sally up ABS:

Rest during: Old Miss Lucy’s dead and gone Left me here to weep and moan

1st verse: V-ups (mod = lemon squeeze)

2nd verse: Hollow Crunches (don’t let shoulder blades hit the floor, so there is always core tension)

3rd verse: Star Crunches

4th verse till the end: Plank leg lifts (alternating legs)

Tuesday 5/1

A Mano (and foot)

2k Run assessment (non-runners will be doing assessed 2k row)

There and back.


After Party:

3 x 4 min Tabata Rounds (:20 sec on / :10 sec off x 8)

Alternate b/t 2 exercises every interval for 4 min. :30 sec – 1 min of rest then move to the next 2 exercises.

1) Pull ups (if unassisted, do as many as you can then hang the remaining of the 20 sec./ if assisted, do pull ups the full :20 sec ) + Jump Rope

2) Inch Worm Crawl + Ninjas

3) Side Lunges + Hip Bridges (adv. Hamstring Walkouts)

Wednesday 5/2

:45 sec on / :15 sec Transition (rest)

After 1 Rounds of all exercises they get 1 min rest and repeat 4x  

2KB March w/2 sec pause at the top [R (50+ per bell/40+) W (40/30+) B (30/20+)]

Heavy Rope Slams

6 Inch Hold  

MB Overhead Lunges (adv: add weight by using a bumper plate)

Squat Jumps


Finish with: 7 Way Hips (do all moves on one side first, then switch)

Cues: lay on your side, stack hips, dorsiflex foot

:20 sec per movement

  1. leg raises

  2. forward kicks (as high to waist as possible)

  3. back kicks (go as far back as long as leg stays straight)

  4. full kick (all the way forward and backward)

  5. forward circles

  6. backward circles

  7. bicycles


Thursday 5/3

“The 7-11” (20 Mins)

7 x 2 Minute RNDS

– 1 Parking lot lap followed by MAX Burpees for the remainder of the 2 min

– Count TOTAL burpees over the 7 RNDS

– 1 MIN rest between rounds


Finish with:

10 KB Bent over rows (per side)

10 PVC pass throughs

10 JG Rows

10 Band pull aparts



Friday 5/4

May the 4th be with you

Partner Ladder (I go – you go) – go in any order but complete the full ladder before moving on)


2KB Shoulder Press

JG Knees to Chest

Slam Balls

2KB Squat

Yellow Bar Dips  

Row (400m-300m-200m-100m)